Sophia and Sasha Begin to Play

This is a new behavior from both of them.  The first time it occurred was about a week ago (they’ve been living together for 15 months – since Sophia was a pup).  It seems like play and it seems like they are both comfortable with it.  I’ve seen Sasha frightened and fearful; it’s very loud and very scary.   This behavior is the complete opposite.

It’s amazing to watch two different species learn each other’s language particularly when it comes to dogs and cats, in which similar body language, often times, means completely different things.

Sophia’s adjusted her dog to dog play behavior to a more gentle approach to accommodate and entice Sasha. There are times when Sasha will chase Sophia and times when Sophia will chase Sasha.  There are also times when Sasha will have had enough and run down the hallway with Sophia in pursuit, not realizing the game should be over.   Even then, it all seems to remain under control.  Sasha has many places throughout the house she can jump up on that Sophia can’t and she hasn’t used them.  Nor has she retreated to the basement (her foolproof safe space where Sophia isn’t allowed).

I’m sure she’s cool with this and it fills my heart to watch her continually evolve into a confident cat with friends from different species.  For now, I remain vigilant in observation without unnecessary intervention because, well, Sophia IS a terrier with a high prey drive to chase little critters in the woods….


2 thoughts on “Sophia and Sasha Begin to Play

  1. They look like they will be fine! I have a Shetland Sheepdog and a cat. I got them both when they were young though. My cat was a few months old when our dog came to live with us (our dog was 8 months old when he came here). I had put up baby gates to give my cat a place to “escape” to (since my cat was here first) and a haven which we maintain to this day. That is something you might want to think about. I believe in providing safe havens for cats because not all of us always want a dog in our face 😉 That being said, my cat and dog are best friends. My dog quickly learned who is boss….MY CAT

    • We did the baby gates in the beginning and Sasha has plenty of places she can jump to if Sophia gets too rambunctious. 🙂

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