Conservation Canine

After hearing a friend mention she carries a bag with her on walks and picks up the trash she finds along the way, I’ve been motivated to do the same.  Sophia and I are out there hiking almost every morning.  Previously, if I came across trash or poop bags by the side of the trail I’d carry whatever I could inside one of Sophia’s poop bags but there’s only so much one person can carry in that limited capacity.  Bringing along a larger bag struck me as something that needed very little effort yet something that could have a positive impact.

You’d think that people who love the trails enough to get out there and utilize them would also respect and take care of them.  For the most part, they do.  But there are always people who don’t.  This morning we hiked about four miles in the Blue Hills Reservation and found three bags of poop (I just don’t understand that), a plastic shopping bag and a carelessly tossed plastic beverage cup.

We like to follow the basic hiking code “Leave nothing but footprints.  Take nothing but pictures.  Kill nothing but time”.



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