Ford Transit Connect Conversion: Wall Storage and Counter Top

Last weekend brought a mix of nasty weather.  Cold temperatures, rain and snow almost curtailed the conversion plans but I ended up making the majority of wood cuts from the basement and just turned the heat on in the Connect while I was measuring, drilling and putting things in place.

Sophia spent most of her time chasing tennis balls she’d drop at my feet and I’d absentmindedly kick her way.  She’s getting a lot of exposure to the loud noises of power tools and is now completely unfazed by them.  Though the errant curse word uttered because of a wrong cut or painful splinter always makes her cock her head to one side, she remains patient while my focus isn’t completely on her.  She keeps herself busy digging in the garden, socializing with the neighboring dogs, Charlie and Ace, through our fence or chewing on a bully stick.  When she’s had enough of my ignoring her, she’ll grab one of my mittens, a piece of wood or start rummaging through my bags.  She’s learned it gets her my undivided attention.  So that’s when I’ll usually take a break.

I built a shelving unit on the back, left side of the Connect.  It sits above the refrigerator box and will be fantastic for storing dry food goods and clothes.  I also cut out the counter top.

for transit connect conversion

I worked myself into such a tizzy over how I was going to deal with making the cut outs for the sink and hand-pump faucet, that I almost didn’t do it.  I’d already put it off for a week.  In the end, I just sucked it up, took a deep breath and began the cuts.  I have to admit I was rather impressed with myself getting it right on the first try.  Step drill bits are the perfect tool for cutting holes in wood or metal.  I practiced on a couple of spare wood pieces to get it right before using it on the counter top.  I think it’s easily become my favorite tool.  I also drilled a circular hole in the side of the cabinet with it.  The plumbing will go through this hole and into the five gallon holding tanks I have for white and gray water.

Ford Transit Connect Conversion

A side note on the sink; it’s not really a sink.  I searched everywhere for a sink that was small enough to fit in the TC.  It had to be big enough to do what I needed, but small enough to leave ample counter top and cooking space (in case I should ever need to cook inside).  RV sinks, even the smallest of them, were too big.  So I took measurements of the space I wanted the sink to utilize and did an Amazon search for pans with those dimensions.  Voila, enter the buffet pan.  It not only fit the length and width I was looking for but also had the perfect depth.   I just need to cut a hole in it (yay! I get to use the step drill bit again!) and fit it with a drain system.  That’s my next project (along with cabinet doors for that space).





8 thoughts on “Ford Transit Connect Conversion: Wall Storage and Counter Top

  1. I love the shelving unit you put in! Are you still able to utilize the sliding door on that side of the van with the shelving mounted where it is?

    • Hi Neil. I can open that door to let in a great cross breeze but the back of the shelving unit is blocked off. I usually do dishes off that side of the van because I have a solar shower on the roof on that side. The sink is mostly for brushing teeth, washing hands and water for cooking, etc.

      • Thanks for your quick reply! I test drove a 2016 Ford Transit and Nissan NV200 today. They both seem like good rides and come with some decent warranties. What trim of the Ford Transit Connect did you purchase XL or XLT, or short wheel base or long wheel base. I’m thinking of maybe getting the cargo version of the Transit as I won’t have any need for the seats in back as well, and it comes with flat blank slate. Did you have any problems with the conversion by purchasing a model with passenger seats?

      • I got the XLT and had no problems with the conversion after the seats were removed. I brought it to the dealer and they simply unscrewed the seats and gave me all the hardware. I store it all in my attic just in case I ever want to use them again. I removed the seat belts for the back seats and also removed the passenger seat in the front for extra floor space. It was easy enough to put a wooden floor down and then built everything on top of that. I like the 2010 because there is more headroom than anything newer.

  2. Hello Maria,

    Thank you for creating this blog. I’m a solo female traveler and am contemplating building a camper out of a Ford Transit Connect too. What you’ve done is truly inspiring!! I really like you layout! Can you tell me how you use the space where the passenger seat was or upload photos of it, if possible? It seems like a good place for extra storage!

    • Glad I could inspire you. 😀. I leave that space open so I have space to maneuver when I have the bed pulled out. But there is storage under the floor in that area too. I usually stash things I don’t use often under there.

  3. Hey! Great build out. I am getting ready to start on my own. I’m curious as to what width your sink cabinet is?
    Thanks Mary

    • Thanks Mary. The cabinet is 26″ wide and the countertop is 27″. I added and extra inch behind the driver’s seat. In hindsight, I probably would have made the countertop 26″ as we so I could lean the seat back another inch for more comfort while driving. In the future, I will probably just saw that inch off.

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