When a Puppy Sees Her First Snow

Sophia’s first experience with snow wasn’t such a great one for her.  She had only been here for a week when we got our first real snow of the year.  It wasn’t the fun, light, fluffy snowstorms you can kind of enjoy.  Instead, we got hit with whipping winds, plummeting temperatures and heavy, wet, snow.  It was so bad that I wondered what to do with her in regards to house training.  I thought about putting a puppy pad down by the back door but didn’t want to confuse things by allowing her to pee in the house one day but not on another.  So we both braved the weather, like true New Englanders; her looking for a place to go and me standing out there with her in a show of solidarity.

She tip-toed frantically through it, lifting her paws as high as she could with every step.  But she did it and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She’s a brave little dog.

Our second snow was different and much more enjoyable.  She took joy in zooming around through it, burying her face in the soft fluffiness of it, rolling around and eating it.  She even bunny hopped on the surface, leaping high and arching back down while pushing her front feet into it.  Good thing because we tend to get a lot of it around here.

Puppy's first snow

Puppy's first snow

Puppy's first snow

Puppy's first snow

Puppy's first snow


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