MSPCA Boston – Puppy Playgroup

There’s much to get right when raising a puppy.  It’s extremely important that they get lots of socialization in the way of meeting new people, other animals and exploring new places so that they become well adjusted adult dogs.

We signed up for the puppy playgroup held by the MSPCA in Boston.  They have two different time slots.  The first hour is for the bigger puppies and the second hour is for the smaller pups.  Obviously, we attend the latter.

mspca puppy playgroup

On her first day, Sophia was a bit apprehensive but it didn’t take long for her to “get it” and soon, games of chase and be chased began.  But playgroup isn’t only about playing with dogs.  The trainers at MSPCA match puppies with similar play styles and everyone is allowed to play at their own comfort levels.

After some time playing, pups are put back on leash and practice with sits, “watch me” and recalls begins so no one gets over stimulated.  Sophia promptly ignores me when it comes to work time.  In fact, she actually turns away from me and sits, her back towards me, to watch all the other puppies behaving so nicely.  She’s way too distracted by everything else going on in the room but I’m OK with that (for now).  She’s three months old and her focus is all over the place so we’re just starting to work casually on the basics but we’re doing it without distractions right now.  That will come in time.

puppiess playing

It was interesting to watch her interact and see her behavior change from nervous to curious so quickly.  She seems like she will be a brave dog; one willing to try anything and whose recovery time in fearful situations will be quick.  She’s certainly very feisty and I learned from her foster care family that they called her “Little Miss Sassy Pants”.

puppy playgroup

After “work time” the pups get playtime again and close to the end of playgroup, we play pass the puppy; everyone gets in a circle and passes puppies to the right.  This is so that the pups get to meet lots of different people and while doing so, are given treats. What better way to socialize?

I thought she’d sleep a lot longer than she did after that first hour.  She has seemingly endless energy and I’m finding that with every week, she needs less sleep between rounds of play and exploration.  I think she’s going to make an amazing hiking companion.

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