First Snow, First Hike and a Sound Sleep

Sophia turned twelve weeks old and had her third set of vaccinations earlier this week.  My vet and I talked about growth platelets, muscle building, conditioning, playing, agility and hiking.  She green lighted us to start hiking; agility will have to wait until she’s at least 16 months (though there’s no reason to not get her used to different surfaces and uneven/moving footing right now).

She also said that Sophia can chase a ball across the grass or the living room rug without me worrying she’s going to break; that she needs that kind of exercise too.  I get really worried about doing too little or too much with her.  Trying to find a balance between the two shouldn’t be that difficult.  I’ve done it before…..a long, long time ago.  But, there are instances where a dog will do whatever you want them to do, even if they can’t.  So I tend to err on the side of caution.  Dr. Clair told me not to worry so much about it and that where most people get into trouble is when they start jogging, running or jumping a young dog on hard surfaces like concrete because of the impact.

So off we went to Cabot Bradley Estates.  I’ve only been there once since Georgia passed and that one time had been difficult.  It was our favorite place.  Funny how a place that once brought such joy and peace can seem so dark and sad.

I have to admit, being there with Sophia was bittersweet.  It reminded me of Georgia and how free and easy our relationship was but, it also brought a certain kind of excitement at the prospects of my new relationship with Sophia.  We’re complete strangers to one another and are working towards figuring each other out.  I imagine we’ll be doing that for quite some time to come.

Schnauzer mix puppy by tree in snow

I was able to see the estate through her eyes; everything brand new, expansive and filled with foreign scents.  She was unsure of everything at first; hesitant to even take a few footsteps in the snow.  After a little while, she started walking around the parking lot and trotting down the plowed paths to the the mansion, more confident and self-assured.

Schnauzer mix by tree in snow

Puppy's first snow

The forest trail was covered in three to four inches of snow so my Wacky Paws Backpack came in handy.  It was Sophia’s first time in it and she had no problem settling in.  It’ll be perfect for times when I want to keep going but need her to take a break.

Schnauzer mix puppy in Wacky Paws Backpack

We were only at the estate for about 30 minutes and I walked the short route, with her in the pack, just around the paddocks but, she was mentally exhausted and fell soundly asleep on the drive home.  Her cuteness sometimes stops me in my tracks; so tiny and vulnerable.

Puppy asleep in car


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