Blue Hills Reservation – Break Neck Ledge Trail

Trail Length:  4.8 miles
Trail Time:  2.10 hours
Difficulty:  Moderate with flat wide trails most of the way but several hills that, when taken in context with the time it takes to hike the trail, can be difficult.

I like to take Georgia and Pippin out for separate walks as often as I can because I enjoy spending one on one time with them.  It gives me an opportunity to see their individual personalities shine through and they, in turn, get me all to themselves.  It also allows Georgia to tackle more intensive  hikes that Pippin just wouldn’t be able to keep up with whether it be due to the length or difficulty.   Well, in Pippin’s defense, he would certainly keep up with her but his legs and back, due to an old spinal cord injury, would pay for it the next day.

The Break Neck Ledge trail took Georgia and I much longer to traverse than the trail map suggested it would.  It was most likely due to the snow and  ice which made navigating much of the trail a bit treacherous.  It was a balmy 51 degrees when we set out and we met several other dogs and their people on the trail.  Yellow triangles signify the trail and like the green dot trails, we began and ended in the same spot.

In the middle of nowhere, which was kind of creepy, we came upon a snowman.  Georgia hesitated briefly but her curiosity won out and she ended up walking right up to it.  She even got to see her second horse and I can’t help but wonder what she thought of it?  Was it a giant dog?

The forest is a mystical place and this trail lived up to it’s name in some spots.  Fallen pine needles covered the ground, large rocks stood giant-like around several bends and we were able to follow a small brook for a portion of the trail.  Close to the end of the trail we came upon Houghton’s Pond.  It was only then that I realized how far we had actually hiked.  My legs felt like Jello and the car looked so small on the horizon that I thought we’d never make it.  But we did.  Georgia fell asleep on the car ride home and that is very rare.

Here’s a little video I made of our hike.

Song Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill and licensed through Triple Scoop Music

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