Wompatuck State Park – First Camping Trip of the Season

We’re staying close for our first camping trip of the season.  After a long winter, I always feel like I need to get my camping chops back up and running and it’s easier to do it on familiar terrain.  Got a late start this morning because as usual, I waited until the last-minute to organize, pack and head out.   As a result, it wasn’t until last night, after bringing Westly out of winter hibernation, I noticed his directionals weren’t working and I had a rear bulb out.  Oh yes, and I hadn’t gotten him inspected.

I made a quick call to Westly’s mechanic (a love of guy named Peter who owns Cohasset Service Center and is the only mechanic I trust to work on him).  He told me to bring him on in and he’d take a look to see if what needed fixing was an easy fix.  He not only found the problem right away (just a loose fuse), he took Westly down the street to get him inspected for me and I took Georgia and Pippin for a walk while waiting for his return.

We arrived at Wompatuck State Park Campgrounds, leaving the cats and my parents in very good, watchful hands.  Unfortunately, we’ve settled in only to get unsettled tomorrow in order to get completely dialed in.  I had booked an electric hook up site, but in my haste to pack and get out of Dodge, I left my outdoor extension cord at home (brilliant Maria).  And while I know everyone is in good hands, my cell phone battery will only last so long and I need it in case there’s an emergency.  So the pop top has to come down and everything needs to be put away again so I can make a run to REI to buy a solar-powered charger.  No matter.  I would have been situated right next to a couple who had marked off their campsite with no less than eight, giant, orange cones (in case they should get lost?) and their off leash dog was running amuck.

I’m grateful to the rangers who understood my need for peace and quiet, and kindly relocated me to the non-electric side where there isn’t currently a single man-made sound.  All I hear are a few birds, chirping their last song before the sun sets and darkness blankets the forest.

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