Little Critter Visit

I’ve been sleeping with my windows open for the past few weeks to circulate the stale air of a long winter.  This morning, as the sun was just starting to rise, Georgia sounded the alarm (much to the dismay of my neighbors, I’m sure).   Anyone who lives with a dog, eventually learns to decipher the meaning behind each bark whether it’s a greeting, a warning, curiosity or simply from boredom.  There’s usually a reason behind the sudden outburst.  I acknowledge their barks and thank them for alerting me.  Once they know that I’m aware of the danger imposed by the tiny lady bug crawling up the single blade of grass 50 feet away, they’ll stop.

After quieting them, I noticed it was only a few minutes before my alarm was set to go off so I creaked out from the warmth of my bed and let them out into the backyard (first dispersing any birds and squirrels from the feeders for their safety).  As they shot out the door, I shuffled to the kitchen for the first cup of coffee.  Bringing my mug out to the back porch to sit and enjoy the quiet of the sunrise, I found Georgia whining under my neighbors tree.  Her initial barks must have sent this poor little peanut up the tree where it still currently sits.  Hopefully once the morning rush dies down on the street, it will feel safe enough to amble its way back down and to its den to get some sleep.

Little Critter

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