Racing Stripes, Eating With Your Mouth Full and Empty Houses

Racing Stripes
Mom has this rubber band like rope that her last physical therapists tied around one of the wheels of her wheel chair to make gripping easier for her. For some reason, it always makes me smile when I see it even though she doesn’t use it as often as she should. Soon she will though.

Racing Stripes
Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full
Mom just took a giant bite of lunch as I called out to her. It’s nice to have Dad and Mom together again. He’s happy that he gets to see her every day now. It’s yet another adjustment for her. I think she worries that he’s doing too much too soon.

Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full

Wanna Go for a Ride?
Pippin loves himself a car ride and I love that he loves them. He is just so darn cute and watching him thrust his head out the window into the wind, mouth open, tongue hanging out makes me feel as good as he does.

Wanna Go for a Ride?


No One Home
Birds work so hard in creating such beautiful and sturdy structures. I wonder who lived here and if they’ll be back this year. I wonder if they made it through the winter migration and if their children also survived. Nature can be harsh and so many times the odds are against the little ones.

No One Home

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