I Live In a Rain Forest

My front porch is one of my favorite rooms in my cottage.  When the cold weather hits, it’s where the Hibiscus, Poinsettia and a host of other plants take refuge.  Many of them over eight years old now.  Some were once my grandparents.  Because it’s heated, it becomes a green house.  When the plants are watered, the smell of soil and life fills the small room and if you close your eyes, it’s as if summer, shorts and flip-flops aren’t such a long way off.  I love nature and it’s resilience.  Having a small forest retreat not only alive but thriving while most everything else outside is brown and dying is like a mini vacation.  In the summer, all the plants move to the backyard for rejuvenation and screens get put in to allow the ocean breezes to cool the entire house off.  My front porch is where I sit quietly with my first cup of coffee or my nightly glass of red.  It’s where I write.  It’s where I read.  It’s where I get away and relax.  On first inspection, it doesn’t appear to be much else but a front porch but on closer inspection, it’s a tropical rain forest where some of my favorite things reside and my imagination is allowed to run wild.

maria andrews

maria andrews

maria andrews

maria andrews




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