Nut Island

Nut Island is located at the tip of Houghs Neck in Quincy.  Basically, it’s a sewage treatment facility but has come a long way from the days in which sewage passed openly through the area.  Local residents got together and demanded the city do something about the eye sore as well as the smell that permeated their homes.  Today, the treatment of waste water from the communities south and west of Boston is completed away from the public eye and the sewage is sent through under water pipes to the Deer Island facility.

Above ground, all you can see is a small, non-offensive brick building surrounded by open land, gorgeous views of the Boston skyline, trees, wildflowers like Lupine and Sea Roses and a jogging/walking path.  The only sound is the wind, which blows rather swift and strong; not ideal in the dead of winter I imagine.

Georgia and I explored Nut Island on Thursday morning and while it really is a pretty area, it’s not the greatest walk for my high energy, always wanting to run friend as my pedometer registered only 1.1 miles after a single lap.  We ended up doing three laps so it was worth the trip for Georgia because I’m sure there was a plethora of scents for her snout to enjoy but I kind of felt like I was caught in the rotary, endlessly passing Parliament and Big Ben with Chevy Chase.

Of course, not a lot was in bloom but I imagine once true Spring arrives, this will be a wonderful place for location shoots.

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