He’s about ten years my junior but it doesn’t matter because we’re  so suited for each other.   Some folks think I’ve gone utterly mad.   They think he’s too old to be dependable, which doesn’t say much for  me,  does it?  I think his age is what makes him even more dependable.   Others believe I’m going through a mid-life crisis and there are those that are outwardly envious.   I’m not much concerned with other people’s opinions of the matter because this relationship transcends all that nonsense.

We have so much in common with one another but most importantly, our  laid back attitude of meandering slowly through life’s journey just isn’t something either of us is willing to compromise for the get there fast or get it done quick attitude.  We’d rather maneuver out of other people’s way, tip our hats to them, and move on at a leisurely pace enjoying our surroundings.  We both believe that the adventure isn’t complete unless our sidekicks,  Georgia and Pippin, are along for the ride; and that’s very important to me.   Warm weather is our friend because neither of us functions very well in the cold.  Camping is what we were born to do and together, we do it with style and in comfort, though we don’t stray too far from just basic amenities.  Our versatile nature compliments our love for outdoor adventure.  We can be found comfortably dwarfed on RV sites, blending nicely at tent sites or plopped out in the middle of nowhere.

He’s the rugged, fly by the seat of your pants type and I don’t think there’s anything more attractive than that.  He is a head turner with huge personality and an uncanny magnetism that draws people to him.  When we’re out and about, he wins over everyone we meet.  People smile and energetically wave to us; even the naysayer.  Some of them stand dumbfounded while their children squeal with delight and others introduce themselves and the conversation begins.

I never was one to believe in love at first sight but that all changed when I laid my eyes on him.  We met via Craig’s list and the first time I heard his voice, I knew our relationship was going to be something special.  When I’m with him, there is no room for negativity.  When the mundane becomes a chore, I have only to see him and my step lightens.  While he does have his own set of faults, he’s like a comfortable pair of well worn jeans…he just fits.   His name is Kermit and he’s my automatic, 1978 Westfalia Campmobile.  Those of you who have one, will know exactly what I mean.  Those who don’t, have no idea what their missing.

Westly is considered a part time member of the Trail Dogs as he only accompanies us from late Spring to early Autumn and the only reason is that Westfalia, while building these amazing vehicles, did a less than stellar job on the heating system.  Until I can save up to install a heating system worthy of winters in New England, Westly rests his creaking gears under a warm winter blanket to protect him from the harshest elements on the east coast.


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